Imagine your business or organization operating more efficiently than ever. Imagine serving your customers in ways that were never possible. As long as your employees, business partners and customers have access to the Internet, Sidas Computer Systems can make this a reality.

Solving Problems

We help our clients find the most effective, long-term solution to their business problems. Here are a few examples:

  • A Mississippi non-profit had an innovative program that encouraged children to exercise, but it was being administered via paper and mail. They needed an easy-to-use relational database with a gorgeous, fun design that appeals to kids and grown-ups alike.
  • The State of Mississippi recognized that thousands of returning veterans would need help finding jobs in Missisippi. So Sidas Software Systems Design to develop a site that would serve them and Mississippi’s businesses as well.
  • An international construction supply company sells products to wholesale customers, but they also wanted to sell directly to consumers. Sidas Computer Systems developed a powerful web site that allows customers to purchase construction supplies, but with one amazing difference. When customers reach a specific spending level, they get better prices, different tax logic and more choices for shipping.

Custom vs. Out of the box

Sidas Computer Systems looks for the simplest, most affordable solution to our clients’ problems. Whenever possible, we use open source applications that are secure, scalable and will meet the client’s needs. Often we are able to use a well-proven application as the basis for our solution, saving the client thousands of dollars.

Let us help you

Let us help you plan your web application. Just about anything you can imagine is possible. We enjoy helping organizations plan how they will use the power of the Internet to improve. Because we have probably already developed an application that is similar to what your company needs, we can share ideas on how to maximize the utility and minimize the costs of the project.

Test and Maintain

The troubleshooting and maintenance of a web site is just as important as building it. We stand behind the applications we develop because we build them carefully and test them thoroughly before launch. When possible, we develop online applications that you can maintain yourself, but if you need our maintenance services, we can perform the work for you on an hourly basis. As your company’s needs change, we can revise the application to meet those needs.

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