Ready to build your online store? Want to redesign your existing e-commerce web site? Sidas Computer Systems creates e-commerce sites that are powerful, effective and affordable. Every e-commerce site is custom-designed for the individual client, but all of them have the following in common:
They’re full of features that increase sales.

Internet Marketing Services

Are you familiar with the many content features that enhance your shopping experience on the large e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay? You can also have the same great features on your site:

Customers can:

  • Search by keyword, price, distance or type of product
  • Get large, multiple views of products
  • Create an account or check-out instantly
  • Get an instant shipping quote
  • Maintain an address book
  • View their order status or history
  • Receive e-mail and mobile notifications
  • View featured items, bestseller lists and create wishlists

Store owners can:

  • Add, edit and delete products
  • Add, edit and delete products photos
  • Create new product categories
  • Cross-promote and up-sell items
  • Put products on sale and create custom discounts
  • Create promo codes and discount codes
  • Run reports on customers, sales and products
  • Print / email custom invoices
  • Track inventory / stock
  • Generate and print / email a tax reports

Stable and Secure

Our e-commerce sites use the powerful PHP web scripting language, the stable Apache web server, and the fast MySQL database. All financial transactions are conducted via a 128-bit encrypted SSL connection. Your customers will be able to set up password-protected profiles that enable them to save shipping information and other order information automatically.

Maintain Easily

Once we’ve built your e-commerce web site, you’ll be able to maintain it without any knowledge of databases or programming. You will be able to add and remove products, edit product descriptions, adjust prices and more. Because we are a local Atlanta company, we will come to your place of business and give your staff an orientation to the administrative area of the site. As the owner of the site, you will have access to a wide range of statistics for products and customers.

Easy to Use

Because our e-commerce web sites are designed with your customer’s shopping experience in mind, they are very simple to use. Click here to see how simple e-commerce web sites can be.


Do you have pricing tiers for your different customer classes? Want to be notified every time a sale is made or stock is low? Want to be able to update the home page regularly with seasonal offerings? We can do all of this and much more. Virtually any business need you have will be met when we build your e-commerce web site.

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